Welcome To Vishwa Gramodaya

VISHWA GRAMODAYA, a Rural Biosphere Sustainable Development Society is a Voluntary, Non-Profit Organisation, Registered and Established in the year 2007.

Vishwa Gramodaya is the brainchild of a group of dedicated, young, dynamic and energetic Social Engineers who are resolved to contribute in their own way not just by the needed focus on creating Neo-Classical Villages, but to also save our planet with all the WARNINGS on the effect of Global warming and thus offer some good space for survival and existence of our future generations.

Father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhiji visioned to say, India (Bharat) lives in Villages. 70% of the Indian population lives in Villages. Therefore, villages have been the Backbone of India.

Villages are always linked to the Agricultural activities. It is important because it feeds the entire population of our country living in both the Rural and Urban sectors. It is evident therefore that Government of India and all State Governments should give the best of the attention to the Rural Populace, involving the services of Voluntary Social Service Organizations in Rural Development. The Versatile development of villages will be felt when Gram Swarajya comes into being. It is necessary that special Developmental Programs be made Village Centric for India to be ahead in the World.

Knowing the importance of Gram Swarajya, Vishwa Gramodaya which came into being in February 2007, is moving in the direction to be a Worldly embodiment to follow on our dreams to be true to serve Society at large with all the focus on Rural Development.