About Us

Vishwa Gramodaya, the Brain child of the young people with a great Vision to build a name for itself by its dedicated activity, to be responsible and be contributors by clearing the debt to the soil of birth (Mannina Runa). With this thought primarily in mind, we felt that it is better for us to go by the famous saying, �Charity Begins at Home�. Thus, our activities started from our birth place, Pavagada in Tumkur District. We have established our base and have started our work of seeing the villages in and around Pavagada transformed into Neo Classical Villages. Our dedicated work has allowed us to spread and reach out to serve the people in a systematic way.

Our reasoning to start our work at home was that our brothers and sisters in our villages could be made to be part of the activities. The other reason is that Pavadaga is a place that backward, neglected and drought prone and is dependent on rain and rain being scanty. It has been and it will be a challenge for us to translate every work we take up to be .developmental oriented and to transform our Villages, Villagers and Village life. And for our brethren to realize the Power present in them and to translate every activity they participate in to benefitting them, making their lives better.

Our resolved objective has got the needed boost with good support coming readily from our brothers and sisters of our villages. Our resolve to start our activities from home has thus been a good Launching Pad giving us the confidence to be successful in achieving all our objectives of Rural Biosphere Sustainable Development.