Health, Hygiene and Education

It is possible with a village to be complete in itself with the facilities made available to impart basic Education, have good attendance to the Health needs of the people, maintaining good Hygienic atmosphere in the Village with good roads, clean pavements, sanitation, drinking water, electricity, transport, modern farming machineries usages, organic farming, setting up self help groups, women empowerment programs, vocational training etc.

It becomes necessary to create right awareness in the minds of the people for a Healthy and prosperous Living. To achieve this, the focus will have to be not only in regard to health, hygiene, sanitation, facilities, education, income generation, environment, safeguarding the animals, but also to work in the areas like human rights, protection of intellectual properties, pollution, diseases control etc.

We have also realized that when Decentralization of administration happens, it will show us a path to be on fast track to transform the villages and work in establishing Social institutions, Educational institutions, Vocational training and Income generation institutions, Village co-operatives, cottage industries etc.