Rehabilitation Programs

All the rehabilitation programs should be rural community based to uplift the poor. It has to be in such a way so as to bring them to mainstream. Our efforts are also to have such programs that help in alleviating poverty. We want to see that there is no one in our villages who are living below poverty line. It is possible to realize only when everyone in the Village participates.

Our rehabilitation programs shall also be towards respecting senior citizens, weaker sections and differently abled persons. We shall have such programs for them that boost the morale of the needy citizens for them to exist with self-respect, satisfaction and contentment. We are ever inspired by the teachings of Swami Vivekananda for us to follow on Universal Brotherhood and protection of Human and Indian values.

We have plans to establish Homes for the senior citizens, special schools for the differently abled and Empowerment programs for women as also to be contributors with our educational & nutrition programs for children.